A Starburst of Crystals

At the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018

Prepare for landing: A “Shooting Star” will be broadcast worldwide on ABC Network at 10pm EST on December 2 an 4:00am CET on December 3. The Swarovski Look is among 45 outfits that will sparkle down the runway, bringing the total up to 850,000 Swarovski crystals.

This year, the Swarovski Look is blazing its brightest trail yet, showering the Celestial Angel section of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 225,000 Swarovski crystals, all hand-applied to a spectacular bodysuit and mono-wing.


“Angel” Romee Strijd’s bodysuit resembles a star-strewn night sky with 70,000 hand beaded crystals.

The bodice features a cosmic trail, while legs and arms display celestial bodies such as stars and moons, using the following crystals: Flat Backs Hotfix, Star, Rhombus, Rivoli Triangle, Round and Teardrop; Sew-on Fancy Stones, Oval, Twist Chessboard, Hexagon and Navette; Bi-cone, Round and Dome Beads; plus Star, Moon and Classic Drop Pendants.

A high-contrast palette of sparkling Crystal and luminescent Silver Night against sheer black enhance the starlight effect.

Used Crystals

The Wing

The Swarovski Look’s 3D mono-wing represents a shooting star.

The body of the star was encrusted with round Flat Backs such as XiriusRivoli and Chessboard. Show-stopping oversize Chessboard crystals were suspended within circular cutouts radiating out to its seven points.

Approximately 250 hours were required to position over 55,000 crystals.

Used Crystals