The BeCharmed Pavé Valentine`s Day Collection

Swarovski crystal beads for Valentine’s day BeCharmed Pavé Valentine’s Day beads

Valentine's day jewelry for your beloved must shine the spotlight on the depth of your feelings. There are few better ways to show how completely they inspire you than with personalized jewelry from our brilliant BeCharmed Pavé Valentine's day collection.

Follow your heart and yield to the charms of the latest limited edition BeCharmed Pavé Valentine’s Day Swarovski crystal beads. Bearing the words ‘Be Mine’ and ‘You & Me’, they make it beautifully easy to show how much your beloved makes your life sparkle. Playfully simple, yet filled with meaning, these words tell them that your love is tender and enduring.

For a perfect love match, combine them with the new BeCharmed Pavé Flying Heart Bead. Two Swarovski crystal hearts, nestled together in an eternal expression of love and surrounded with a myriad of intricately positioned Xilion Chatons, the BeCharmed Pavé Beads are completely encrusted with tiny crystals, spectacularly maximizing the play of light.

Combine our new members of this Product Family with the popular BeCharmed Pavé Heart Charm (art. 86 502) and the Pavé Heart Pendant (art. 67 412). The classic heart shape is a timeless reminder of forever love. Covered in crystals and shining brightly, the heart charm and pendant complete our Valentine's day collection. Both were created especially for your next Valentine's day designs, and are now also temporarily available in the color combination Rose/Fuchsia.

Each of these BeCharmed Pavé designs is stunning alone, but their brilliance particularly shines when combined with other Swarovski crystal designs. How will you use our designs to create your own celebration of love?

Express your creativity and the depth of an eternal love with our BeCharmed Pavé Valentine's day designs.

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The BeCharmed Pavé Valentine`s Day Collection 2015

The BeCharmed Pavé Valentine`s Day Collection 2015

Last Update: 07 / 2018

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