The Power of Scarlet

Red is thought to be the oldest color of all, dating back to the Neolithic era. Early cave paintings were created with an earthy red shade made from ochre. In Roman times, red meant courage. In today’s China, India, Greece and Albania, red is a symbol of good fortune. For Western society, it represents energy and power, passion and excitement.

But even more electrifying than “ordinary” red is Scarlet, which has just joined Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2018/19 color palette. This arresting, rich red crystal shade has magnificent standout; there’s a hint of blue that is more subdued than Light Siam, but brighter than Ruby and Siam. Unlike other red crystals, Scarlet is available in larger sizes, with a homogenous color intensity throughout the foiled Round and Fancy Stones, Flat Backs and Sew-ons, as well as unfoiled Beads and Pendants. Most importantly, it has a significant ecological advantage: unlike Light Siam or Siam, cadmium-free (<40ppm).

Both Swarovski’s crystal assortment (Round Stones, Fancy Stones, Flat Backs No Hotfix, Flat Backs Hotfix, Sew-on Stones, Beads, and Pendants) and its Forward Integrated Elements (Transfers, Flat Back Bandings, Rivets, Rose Pins, Roses Montées, Crystal Fine Mesh, Crystal Mesh, and 3D Studs) will be available in Scarlet. It applies to all product categories, which opens up a vast spectrum of combinations and design possibilities, making a particularly good partner for Crystal Velvet Brown Pearl.

Brilliantly suited to classic, elegant designs for watches and jewelry, apparel and accessories, as well as crystal DIY handcrafting, thanks to its compliance, Scarlet is equally good for electronics and packaging.  A timely reminder that in an uncertain world there should always be a place for passion and beauty, Scarlet brings a decadent but elegant edge to sensuous designs.