Go Wild with Swarovski Rondelle Beads

The new Rondelle Bead is recognizable by the superb elegance of its cut. Appropriate for both women’s and men’s jewelry and accessories, it directly references the strong unisex direction currently gaining ground in design. With an off-center hole giving it a touch of quirkiness, and the blending of round and angular shapes within the same product, it subtly showcases the contemporary trend towards gender-blending looks.

Swarovski Rondelle Bead & Pendulum Bead

At first glance, the Rondelle Bead is a simple, round shape; a second glance reveals a sublimely conic, perfectly faceted contemporary masterpiece with many possible applications. By fusing a classic shape with a contemporary cut, it softens sharp, hard-edged designs. Combine the Rondelle Bead with crystal spikes and studs, for example, to complement rebellious eco-warrior looks. Available in three sizes: 4, 6 and 8 mm in Crystal, and in 6 effects and 7 colors, it can be sewn on by hand or used as beading. Items embellished with Rondelle Beads should be turned inside out before washing, then laundered at 60ºC, and dried at a low temperature.

The Pendulum Bead is a perfect mix of bead and pendant (“beadant”). It reflects the ongoing sports luxe design trend that emphasizes movement and increased flexibility. These requirements are perfectly fulfilled, both in terms of movement and versatile application possibilities. The revolutionary and completely new offset top hole gives a contemporary edge to a traditional shape, allowing the Pendulum Bead to behave like a “beadant.” When threaded, the classic rectangular gem cut swings freely, bringing elegance and motion to sleek unisex designs.

A perfect match for products with the same inspirational background, such as the Emerald Cut Bead, the Pendulum Bead is perfect for earrings, necklaces and bracelets, for both women’s and men’s jewelry, as well as for fashion and high-end accessories. Available in 8x5.5 and 10x7 mm in Crystal, 6 effects and 5 colors, it has the same wash-care instructions as the Rondelle Bead.