Swarovski Pave Drop Pendants

Swarovski Pavé Drop Pendant

An exciting new design direction has taken root, achieved by merging sparking crystal with metal and streamlined shapes. This fusion of minimalism and maximalism explores unexpected pairings—polar opposites that make for a perfect hybrid of highly individualistic designs.

Swarovski Pavé Drop Pendant

The look comes together in the beautifully elongated silhouette and classic outline of the Swarovski Pavé Drop Pendant. With their timeless elegance, Swarovski crystal pendants offer a wide range of design possibilities in the jewelry, fashion accessories and DIY segments. Thanks to easy application, it makes an eye-catching standalone element in necklaces or a striking centerpiece in decorative statement jewelry.

This chimes with Swarovski’s “key piece” philosophy, i.e., streamlining our wardrobes to simplify how we live, which results in a rationalized “key piece” culture. The hole on top requires no more than a jump ring or pinch bail with a metal chain, cord, or leather strand threaded through it for a stand-alone pendant or combine it with other Swarovski crystal beads for infinite inspiration.

When a coating of filigree pavé crystals is further added, pendants gain an additional, ultra-sumptuous dimension: the Swarovski Pavé Drop Pendant is encrusted with myriad intricately positioned crystals of various sizes that serve to spectacularly maximize the play of light. The outcome is a pendant that shimmers with the most extraordinarily brilliance and luxurious tactility.

With its metal top part either gold or rhodium plated in classic jewelry-plating colors, the Swarovski Pavé Drop Pendant is ideal for earrings and pendants. The rhodium-plated version comes in a palette of Crystal, three effects and four colors, while the gold-plated version comes in Crystal, two effects and two colors, with one color/effect combination. The sizes available are: 14x5.5 mm, 20x8 mm, or 26x10 mm, with an inner loop diameter of 1.3mm (14mm Pendant), 1.5mm (2 and 26mm Pendant). It is available in packing units of 14mm: 12 pieces / 20mm: 6 pieces / 26mm: 6 pieces. Customized options are possible— just ask. Check out the Crystal catalog here.

Application is straightforward: Swarovski’s Pavé Drop Pendant is suitable for sewing or application by hand, but please note: they are not washable. You’ll find further detailed application information in the Application Manual here.