Pantone Color 2017 – The Future is Green

Signifying nature, life, revitalization and energy; green promotes harmony, fertility, safety and prosperity. It seems fitting then that green, and all its positive associations, is the color of choice, not only for Pantone in 2017, but also for Swarovski to usher in a radiant new year.

Reassuring us with its strong connection to Mother Earth, grounding us with its calming presence and paving the way forward with its promise of rebirth and regeneration, green is the color of a brighter more prosperous future and the Swarovski crystal color of the year.

And because it is our business to bring to light and laughter into the world through the magical radiance of uplifting color - whether you believe in the stars, or just plain serendipity — 2017 is a numerology 1 year, symbolizing renewal and revival itself — making our radiant range of green hues for 2017 an even more auspicious choice.

Every year the Pantone Color Institute chooses a color of the year. For 2017, green is the refreshing choice and Swarovski crystal colors in all hues of green make it easy to embrace this life-giving color. Green bursts onto the scene in spring giving inspiration for new beginnings. In summer it centers us with revitalizing energy, and in winter it offers us hope and a reconnection to life. Allow the light and hues of greenery to inspire your designs for 2017.

It does not get more positive than that! 

Crystal Color Combinations

The Swarovski crystal color chart offers luscious greens for every design need. Combine dark green and deep blue hues for jewel-like winter combinations or strong summer statements.

Off-set green with peach and blush tints for fresh Spring looks.

Green and earthy brown-red tones help ground designs.

Lilac and green is reminiscent of lavender fields in the South of France. Combine Swarovski crystal colors in new exciting ways this year.