The Psychology of Colors

How Color Affects Our Mood and Emotions - by Trend Intelligence Department, Swarovski Professional

The psychological power of color should never be ignored. Colors evoke emotion, influence our thoughts, and even moderate our stress levels. It is no surprise then that Swarovski places huge importance on the colors of its crystals and the feelings they evoke. Experts believe that the way a color affects us correlates with how that color behaves in nature—think about the carefree outdoor mood that we associate with the color blue.

Assortment of Swarovski crystals and gems in bright colors

What the Color Says About You

The colors we are drawn to reflect our personalities, telling the world about the kind of person we are, what we want to communicate, and even revealing a glimpse of our anxieties. So, it’s important to choose colors wisely. Swarovski has always been fascinated by the psychology of color, and applies its color-coding expertise to each and every new color palette. Take a look at some of the hues in the current assortment of Swarovski crystals and gems, and find out how to identify the shades that complement the person that you are.

Swarovski pink Rose Water Opal


Keywords: Femininity / Innocence / Sincerity / Sophistication 

Rose Water Opal is soft and gentle, representing the sweetness of youth and suggesting a nurturing instinct. This color emphasizes your emotional sensitivity and conveys a sense of calm.

Swarovski Ruby


Keywords: Excitement / Love / Passion / Power

Ruby is an emotionally charged color representing strong feelings and a passionate nature. It hints at strength and determination, so when you choose this hue it may mean that you’re looking for fire or energy in your life, since red tones are recognized for their ability to stimulate the senses.

Swarovski Amethyst


Keywords: Creativity / Sensuality / Spirituality / Peace of Mind

Sensual and mysterious, spiritual and intuitive, Amethyst combines the excitement and passion of red tones with the peaceful tranquility of blue. Its meditative, soul-searching qualities help us overcome our fears and focus on the important aspects of life.

Swarovski Blue Sapphire


Keywords: Calmness / Confidence / Strength/Trust

Blue hues are known for inspiring feelings of calmness, confidence, reliability, and security. Sapphire denotes trust, honesty and loyalty, and it’s used for banishing negative thoughts and releasing stress.

Swarovski Green Emerald


Keywords: Balance / Harmony / Life / Vitality

Signifying nature and new beginnings, Emerald stands for renewal and health, its powerful attributes help to ground us, refreshing and regenerating our minds.

Swarovski Light Topaz


Keywords: Energy / Happiness / Illumination / Joy

Energetic and joyful, Light Topaz expresses the sun’s brightness, warmth and light. It’s the color of ideas and dreams, stimulating creativity and boosting confidence, as well as clearing the mind, reviving the spirit, and encouraging us to live life to the full.

Swarovski Light Peach


Keywords: Compassion / Innocence / Peacefulness / Romance

Light Peach is a versatile tone that helps create a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment. With its peaceful air and hint of romance, it can play a powerful role where emotional healing is required.

Swarovski Pink Crystal


Keywords: Excitement / Passion / Playfulness / Drama

Diana Vreeland once called pink “the navy blue of India.” With its sense of passion and playfulness, choosing this hue highlights a sensual, yet confident and vibrant nature. The depth of pink will also stimulate the senses and unleash hidden energy.

Swarovski Aquamarine


Keywords: Coolness / Responsibility / Softness / Trust

Aquamarine inspires feelings of relaxation, weightlessness and purity. This cool tranquil blue promotes peacefulness and trust, inspires patience, and also helps to calm the senses.

Swarovski Light Green Peridot


Keywords: Nature / Health / Peacefulness

In line with design’s focus on sustainability and nature, green hues are highly sought after. Light Greens are particularly energetic, evoking the spirit of nature. Peridot has a soothing, healing effect on the whole body, and is a useful means of keeping yourself grounded.

Swarovski Tangerine Crystal


Keywords: Cheerfulness / Enthusiasm / Fun / Warmth

This juicy, summery shade is wonderfully energizing. Tangerine is a vivacious color that brings clarity and creativity, and promotes physical strength and endurance. It also implies a desire for a fresh and playful element in your life.