Designer Edition: Growing Crystal Designed by Iris van Herpen

Iris van Herpen Iris van Herpen

Swarovski is proud to have collaborated with leading designers and artists throughout its history and is delighted to have worked with visionary experimental couturier Iris van Herpen to create a truly outstanding crystal innovation for Fall/Winter 2018/19. Striking, bold and true to her cutting-edge, organic style, Van Herpen’s Pendants for Swarovski’s Designer Edition series are entitled “Growing Crystal,” and emphasize the power of natural creation as well as the imperfections that lead to great beauty.

The first design, Growing Crystal Rhombus Pendant, pays homage the fractured and fissured elegance of crystals shaped by tectonic forces. It comes in two sizes: the 26mm design, which features a decorative cavity, and the 36mm, which has a decorative clearance hole. At the core of each, up to 500 hand-embedded double cones maximize light refraction. “Crystals often hide in plain sight,” says van Herpen. “It’s not until they are cracked open that the beauty of their inner geometry is revealed.”

Its partner, Growing Crystal Rectangle Pendant, resembles the brilliance and complexity of the cross-section of a druse. It also comes in two sizes: 26mm and 36mm, each featuring a decorative cavity that, again, has up to 500 double cones hand-embedded into it.

In each instance, van Herpen has highlighted the metamorphosis of crystalline forms under the influence of time: “I want people to feel as if these crystals are still becoming,” says van Herpen. “Growing Crystal reminds us of the ephemeral beauty of the moment and of the beauty yet becoming.”

The bold aesthetic of the Growing Crystal Designer Edition has already inspired top names to create stunning statement jewelry. Mawi’s head-turning pieces have offset the crystals’ natural beauty against an angular, engineered silhouette and a rose-gold high sheen.

Growing Crystal Pendants are available in either Crystal or Jet colors. Optional crystal effects are: Aurora Borealis, Bermuda Blue, Golden Shadow, Silver Night and Vitrail Light.

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