Fine Rocks Tube

Combining the unique sparkle of Swarovski crystals with a sleek metal silhouette, the new Fine Rocks Tube (5951) is the culmination of a fashion-forward approach to the creation of hybrid beads especially for creating distinctive designs.

Cylindrical in shape, it features a premium pavé surface created using double-pointed chatons (PP14); this is a decorative technique renowned for its highly refined brilliance. The Tube also offers the option to be elegantly punctuated by gleaming metal end caps (5950), providing a vast range of possibilities for custom designs.

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Which design choices are best suited for Fine Rocks Tube?

Suitable for hand application such as beading, stringing, wiring and sewing, Fine Rocks Tube is ideal for highly creative DIY projects, as well as on-trend jewelry, standout fashion accessories and textiles. Easy to apply using cord or a thin leather strand in order to create eye-catching contemporary pieces, it’s particularly well suited to creating fashionable looks inspired by Swarovski’s themes for its Spring/Summer 2019 Wanderlust mega-trend.

Choose from four stunning effects with stainless steel end caps, and two effects with gold-finished stainless steel end caps. Sizes come in lengths of 15mm or 30mm. Inner diameter: 1.5mm (+/- 0.15mm). Outer diameter: 6.2mm (+0.5mm/- 0.2mm).


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Application of Fine Rocks Tube

Please note that plating resistance is limited. The Fine Rocks Tube resists plating to European Standard without any visible damage. Other effects have not been tested. Results may vary, based on the conductivity of the effect. Due to the porosity of the carrier material (polyurethane tube with hot-melt adhesive), harmful substances contained in a plating bath are likely to remain within the core of the item. They vary, based on the specific plating baths used. For reliable information, the customer should test any particular application. However, Swarovski recommends that you do not expose the components to a plating process, but rather assemble after brass plating.

Find more detailed information please refer to the Swarovski Application Manual.