Edelweiss Sets The Floral Trend

Swarovski Edelweiss Floral Jewelry Pendant

Make a style statement with Swarovski’s Edelweiss floral jewelry pendant. This frosted, on-trend piece conjures a classical age which hints at a contemporary flourish, with a delicate, clean facet that lines the flower.

The snow-white, star-shaped Edelweiss flower is one of Austria’s most beloved symbols. Reflecting Swarovski’s Tyrolean heritage, the Edelweiss Pendant’s smoothly rounded petals and precisely cut facets is the most lifelike flower ever captured in crystal.

A departure from antiquated ornamentation, the Swarovski Edelweiss Pendant reflects an elegant modernity – a statement of fresh floral jewelry.

The clear crystal shimmers with the Aurora Borealis finish, which catches and throws off light in a delicate rainbow spectrum. Perfectly in tune with the current floral trend, it also comes in a partly frosted version, and combines beautifully with the Edelweiss Fancy Stone and Flat Back. Its romantic vintage appeal suits heritage looks that have a modern urban twist.

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