Dragonfly Pavé Charm and Pendant from Swarovski

Swarovski Dragonfly Pavé Charm and Pendant

There are symbols and signs that are immediately recognizable and have a timeless beauty. The dragonfly is one of them. For a variety of reasons it is an all-time favorite among animal symbols in Swarovski crystal jewelry and the wider fashion jewelry world.

As an airborne animal that flies elegantly and silently, it is the perfect symbol of lightness – an aspect that reflects an important theme in life today. The striking four-winged shape also carries natural symmetry and harmony.

The BeCharmed Pavé Dragonfly Charm and Dragonfly Pavé Pendant now pay tribute to this great little creature. An elegant, filigree pavé finish on the wings and body creates nature-inspired shades that radiates exquisite beauty and intensifies the diversity of these design pieces, both in the single-color and the multi-colored versions.

Therefore the charm and the pendant act as a dazzling and eye-catching feature of natural motif designs. They lend itself well to children’s wear, but are also ideal for delicate feminine styles with a playful element.