Swarovski Crystalpixie™ Nail Art

New dazzling Colors

Crystalpixie New Colors

Swarovski Create Your Style has launched a collection of dazzling new Crystalpixie™ nail art colors for even more brilliant nail effects: Candy Land, Starry Night, Comic Pop and Exotic East.

The four new colors add to the existing palette (Cute Mood, Rock Shock, Deluxe Rush and Classy Sassy), increasing the potential for artistic expression and enabling striking, on-trend looks to be created with ease. Crystalpixie™ is perfect for application by in-salon professionals and for inventing endless fun DIY looks at home.

The hundreds of tiny crystals in each five-gram shot of Crystalpixie™ create a mesmerizing 3-D effect that is like fingers dipped in stardust. Candy Land offers a dreamy and romantic look with pearly pastels and muted iridescents, while Starry Night brings a gothic sophistication through dark femme fatale hues. Comic Pop is vibrant and fun with a playful nod to 80s excess, and Exotic East takes the elegant opulence of the Orient and marries it to the West’s high-octane glam. Each style can be applied to a variety of nail lacquer shades to maximize their brilliance and beauty.

Crystalpixie New Colors Nail Art

Inside each nail box the nail art fan will find a sparkling shot of Crystalpixie™, plus thirty Swarovski crystal Flat Backs in three complementary colors. A design sheet illustrating a range of style examples to aid inspiration can also be found, together with an instruction and application leaflet.

Crystalpixie™ nail art is part of Swarovski’s Create Your Style global creative community. Create Your Style seeks to connect creative people with a passion for personal design with other like-minded artists. It offers an interactive platform where crystal fans can exchange ideas and feed their passion. Expert advice, design ideas and style tips are available. Join the community of crystal aficionados from around the world and increase your style knowledge and gain inspiration from the creativity of others.

Swarovski Crystalpixie™ nail art is the latest innovation in the crystal nail art market. With fingers fast becoming as important as faces, it’s time to get creative with a spectrum of eye-catching looks that can be personalized for day or for night. Make you nails dazzle with crystals from Swarovski.