Lookin’ Sharp with Crystalpixie™ Edge!

Crystalpixie Edge Nail Art

With fingertips getting noticed as much as faces, everyone from red carpet regulars to social media superstars are upping their crystal nail art game. And Swarovski® Create Your Style points the way with a glittering new addition to the nail art palette: Crystalpixie™ Edge.

Crystalpixie™ Edge Nail Art The new Crystalpixie™ Edge products

Like the ever-popular Crystalpixie™ Petite, Edge is stylishly packaged as a neat 5-gram shot. But the difference is in this baby’s distinctive sharply faceted bottle cap. It reflects just what’s so brilliantly eye-catching about the wonder-dust stored inside. Featuring a bigger, super-sharp bi-cone cut, each of the thousands of loose crystals has a spikiness that differentiates Edge from other Crystalpixie™ nail art products.

Dip a finger into any of its six Crystalpixie™ Edge colors:

The mysterious Sahara Blue takes inspiration from ancient mosaics, Middle Eastern tiles, and star-filled desert nights.

White Ballet is pale and interesting, its pearlescent crystals softening stark minimalism into a palette of delicate alabaster.

The pretty pastel of Blossom Purple sings with the warmth, optimism and romance of spring flowers.

Fresh and fascinating, Tropic Seafoam glistens like the gentle waves of a tropical turquoise ocean.

The alluring Heart’s Desire enflames our inner scarlet woman into a blazing passion.

Cute Mood plays with candy colors to create fun, girly-pop magic with a touch of eccentricity.

All six new colors create a playful 3-D effect and mesmerize with their glittering Swarovski crystals.

Wear Crystalpixie™ Edge alone or mix ‘n’ match with the finer, smoother stones of Petite. The prettiest styles to make the fashion pages this season are chintz florals, the child’s play pastel dots, splodges and splashes, and an icing of white over a pearlescent base for simple sugar-tipped sweetness. Alternatively, drama noir comes courtesy of pierced nails with monochrome and crystal accents, along with a sharp update on the classic French manicure.

There’s also a high-octane party going on that takes us straight back to the 70s and 80s: think neon ombré disco graphics against black, holographic, multi-chrome effects combined with psychedelic exotica and acid citrus! And keeping it luxe, there’s a filigree golden graphics look, worn against natural gloss. Great ways to rock nail art’s directional designs!

Dip into a new trend, take your style to the edge.