The Crystal Patina Effect by Swarovski

The speed of technological development is enormous and the constant flood of information overload makes many people insecure...

The need for a “digital detox” is currently at the center of focus. The reaction of the design world is to take a look back in moving forward. Creating aged and worn effects for new products that evoke the spirit of former eras; radiating a timeless yet slightly imperfect beauty. Swarovski’s answer to this trend is the Patina Effect.

The well-known Swarovski stones and pendants are covered with a special semi-transparent coating. This lends the pieces a nostalgic authenticity without masking the brilliant facets of the crystal itself.

What’s special is that you not only can choose between five different color effects, but that each patina is also a unique creation – an individual artwork in itself.

Certain exclusive fashion labels from Paris have already used the Patina Effect, and all of them are fascinated with it.

Swarovski Crystal Patina Effect in Collaboration with On Aura Tout Vu

“The crystals evoke a unique sparkle, like a treasure hidden in the past. Their irregular shapes and unique patina reminds a game of ‘hide and seek’ with time,” the owners of On Aura Tout Vu comment, who design creations for celebrities like Madonna and Conchita Wurst.

The richness of colors and effects create a multitude of fantastic, multi-layered and supremely tactile creations. If you’re looking for a spontaneous Valentine’s Day composition, it’s the ultimate choice.

Swarovski Crystal Patina Effect in Collaboration with Audrey Bot and Les Interchangeables

Another successful customer is Audrey Bot. Her label Les Interchangeables set up a commercial partnership with Swarovski in January 2009, and created a vast line of jewelry and accessories embellished with Crystals from Swarovski.Bot is more than delighted with the special effect and has already used it for a new bracelet collection:

“The Patina effect enhances the beauty of the crystals, giving them an exceptional sparkle.”

Swarovski Crystal Patina Effect in Collaboration with Philippe Ferrandis

Also delighted is the French designer Philippe Ferrandis. Under his eponymous label, Ferrandis runs six exclusive boutiques all over Paris and a seventh one in the noble city of Cannes. The spectacular Patina Effect is the perfect enrichment for his fabulous creations.It offers many artistic opportunities for his prosperous business:

“The Patina effect is revolutionary. It breaks the mirror effect and gives to the jewels a vintage and sophisticated dimension. It is an incomparable must!”

Various items from Swarovski Crystal Patina Effect collaboration with POGGI displayed

And celebrating its 40th anniversary is renowned fashion jeweler, POGGI. Founded in 1976 by French designer Patrick Battaglia, POGGI is classic, innovative and fresh. The perfect fit for the Patina Effect.

These are just four examples of the Patina Effect. Other success stories are waiting to be written…