Swarovski’s Crystal Medley Collection

Starry, Starry Night

Swarovski’s Crystal Medley collection consists of multi-toned, cut and uncut crystals which contribute to a glamorous style for day- or eveningwear. Discover how the millions of tiny crystals in Crystal Medley are reminiscent of the random shapes, irregularities and imperfections that occur naturally in forms that are found in nature.

Swarovskis Crystal Medley Collection

Our Crystal Medley range will let your creative mind loose; get inventive with your own skilful customization techniques on these stunning Swarovski crystal elements.

For some people, the tightly clustered mix of PP14 and PP29 double-pointed chatons recreates the magical look of icy surfaces. To others, it suggests a twinkling night sky. In darker tones, this gives eveningwear a rich sensuality; for daywear, fashion accessories and new segments, it brings a mysterious glamour that is perfectly in step with the current trend towards organic, tactile effects.

Five new additions to Crystal Medley—four beautiful tones and one with a mix of tones on a strong carrier material—have significantly expanded the range of designs that can be created with this versatile element. When two different medley effects are used in the same design, there’s even greater scope for artistry. Crystal Medley also looks stunning when combined with existing products. Even better for those who are looking for an individual motif treatment, as customization possibilities are available.

Swarovski Crystal Medley Customization

Not only is Crystal Medley a wonderfully seductive design element, it’s easy to apply to a variety of different fabric types with Hotfix (using a heat press). Care instructions are the same as those that apply to the Crystal Fabric assortment. Protect the crystals as much as possible: when laundering, turn fabrics inside out—even better, place the item in a soft wash bag. Choose a gentle wash cycle with a mild detergent, and set the washing machine at temperatures no higher than 40ºC (depending on the crystals used). Avoid adding chlorine bleach, and do not tumble dry. Crystal Medley can be ironed, but iron the item inside out on a silk/polyester/viscose setting using a pressing cloth. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the production process requires that motifs with edges and angles of less than 90ºC are rounded off, with a tolerance value of 1.50mm.