Reach out and touch the Crystal Galuchat

Crystal Galuchat for crystal design

Tactility has been a core consideration for designers for some time now—it reflects our search for re-engagement in an over-digitalized world. Fascinating yet discreet, Crystal Galuchat’s subdued sparkle is inspired by the otherworldly, sandpaper-like skin of the stingray. It reconnects us with our sense of touch while offering a glimpse of mystery and ethereal magic. The beautiful surface fits with a variety of customized motifs using the Hotfix application. What’s more, it stands out from the crowd—there’s simply nothing like it on the market.

Crystal Galuchat’s subdued sparkle is inspired by the otherworldly, sandpaper-like skin of the stingray

Made from Crystal Fabric combined with uncut crystal balls of different sizes (2.5 mm and 3.55 mm diameters), the result is an irregular 3D effect that is smooth to the touch and offers a wide variety of uses. With a minimum width of 9 mm, motifs range in size from 15x15 mm (minimum) to 400x330 mm (maximum), and come in 8 effects. In addition to standardized designs, a variety of customized motifs are available that are appropriate for many segments, including apparel and accessories.

Thanks to the familiar Hotfix application method—suitable for a number of different fabrics—the production process remains unchanged. When applied to hard surfaces, however, do make sure to use the appropriate glue. In fact, it’s always advisable to consult the general instructions for Hotfix application in the Application Manual on SIA and the B2B website, as well as following the special motif process. Please do also check the application temperature and product-specific instructions in the Launch Innovation Folder.

Crystal Galuchat is machine-washable up to 40°C (depending on the effect): turn the fabric inside out, select a gentle wash cycle, and use mild laundry detergent. Indeed, a soft wash bag is recommended in order to protect crystals. Avoid using chlorine bleach and don’t tumble dry. If ironing is required, use a pressing cloth and iron it inside out on a silk/polyester/viscose setting. When crystals of different heights are involved, remember to use a silicone ironing pad/foam (art. 9010/002) as a height compensator to even out the surface.