Classic Cut Pendant

Versatility never goes out of style. Neither does simplicity. Featuring a multilayered round cut ideal for creating the look of fine jewelry without the need for a setting, this gemstone-inspired crystal features 49 facets that create a level of brilliance that stands the test of time.

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Which design choices are best suited for Classic Cut Pendant?

The Classic Cut Pendant (6430) has been adapted from a classic Chaton silhouette to create a gem-like stone that works brilliantly as a pendant, featuring a reduced pointed tip on its reverse, along with an optimal table size at the front. Its unfoiled gemstone appearance makes it possible to achieve exceptionally elegant prestige jewelry effects. Furthermore, without the need to use a setting, jewelry designs remain lightweight while saving on production time and cost.

This dazzling round stone is particularly suited for use in premium jewelry and the hand-sewn embellishment of apparel and accessories, as well as glamorous DIY projects. Find inspiration for crystallized design ideas in the Adventure and Leisure trend themes identified by Swarovski for Spring/Summer 2019.

Here, the Classic Cut Pendant finds ways to rock the romance of life on the road when used to add sparkle to rugged leather accessories. It also epitomizes the barefoot luxury of holidays aboard the yachts of the elite just as brilliantly, with fluid jewel-encrusted silhouettes in evocative ocean shades.

In which colors & sizes is the Classic Cut Pendant available?

The Classic Cut Pendant is offered in clear Crystal plus 11 other sparkling colors that follow the established birthstone palette — a highlight of this product. The choice of birthstone hues makes it easy to convey a personal and emotional message through any design. These colors come complemented by five unique effects, with sizes 8, 10 and 14mm available.

Suitable for sewing by hand as well as for fixing with other hand-application techniques, you’ll find more detailed information in the Swarovski Application Manual.

Discover our Classic Cut Pendant Products