Baroque Bead & Baroque Mirror Fancy Stone

Swarovski Baroque Beads in Amethyst, Mirror and Golden Shadow Swarovski Baroque Beads in Amethyst and Golden Shadow, and Baroque Mirror Fancy Stone

Recalling an era of filigree and lace, the Baroque Bead’s majestic crystal detailing pays homage to the magnificence and beauty of history with radiant crystal detailing. Meanwhile, the complementary Baroque Mirror Fancy Stone offers a new format for historical designs. Both cuts reflect the renewed sense of nostalgia that has swept through the design world in uncertain times.

Light, airy and flat, the Baroque Bead adds very little extra weight to a finished product. Its delicate and nostalgic charm makes it an obvious choice for romantic and vintage designs. Available in Crystal, as well as four effects and seven colors, it comes in two sizes (10 mm and 14 mm).

With its multilayered, multi-curved pear shape and detailed facets on its sides, it has different effects on the front and back, including translucent, covered, and mirrored looks. It’s also perfect for creating floral and sparkling sew-on patterns on textile surfaces, as well as bead string flows (back on back, tip on tip, etc.), which play with its subtle asymmetrical outer shape. An easy hand-sewn application technique makes it easy to use in the DIY, jewelry, apparel and accessories segments.

With a deepening distrust in traditional belief systems, people have begun to explore a darker, more spiritual side. This is beautifully encapsulated in the ornate, oval-shaped Baroque Fancy Mirror Stone.

Lightweight, and with a multilayered cut and low height profile, its large table-back is ideal for custom laser engraving. Suitable for setting, gluing and using with Ceralun, the Baroque Fancy Mirror Stone is easy to incorporate into rings, earrings and textile designs, with bigger sizes making perfect centerpieces. Available in three sizes (10 x 8, 14 x 11, and 18 x 14 mm), and in Crystal, plus four colors and six effects, its appearance changes with different coatings—shiny, opaque, or translucent.

It’s the perfect companion for the Baroque Bead when used in vintage designs with a romantic feel.

Both the Baroque Bead and the Baroque Fancy Mirror Stone beautifully complement the Baroque Pendant, together with classic Round Stones and Fancy Stones.