Previous Launches

Each year Swarovski launches inspiring Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer ranges of cut crystals, products and accessories. These crystal collections are at the forefront of innovation and originality; showcasing new crystal cuts, groundbreaking techniques, creative designs and radiant new colors. Swarovski supplies top brands and designers in jewelry, fashion, accessories, packaging and interiors with the highest quality products from collections that inspire and invigorate.

The launch for Fall/Winter 2016/17 saw Jean Paul Gaultier create his own crystal design. But how could he improve on the perfection of a Swarovski crystal? The renowned fashion designer decided the only way to make something new was to add a touch of imperfection. The result was the Kaputt product family; daring, experimental, otherworldly and perfectly imperfect.

The pre-season launch for Fall/Winter 2016/17 saw Swarovski returning to its very DNA as it celebrated its 120th anniversary. The company’s deep rooted features of tradition, purity and character were drawn upon and the captivating Edelweiss Family of crystals was presented.

For Spring/Summer 2016 Swarovski found inspiration in an ethereal realm ‘Between Heaven and Earth’, resulting in a dazzling loose crystal assortment in delicate pastel colors, using extraordinary effects and cuts.  

Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2015/16 launch introduced four new themes and corresponding crystal innovations: The Art of Expression (Classic), The Stillness Within (Progressive), The Seduction of Touch (Romantic) and The Darkness of Desire (Glamour). All four themes are linked by the notion that we want some respite from our perpetual digital connectivity and instead tune into human emotion using our own intuitive creativity.

Swarovski’s pre-season launch for Fall/Winter 2015/16 is inspired by two themes: Nostalgic Grandeur and Poetic Punk Rock. The first of these themes uses the innovative and unprecedented Crystal Patina effect to convey a vintage, timeless look. The other sees Jean Paul Gaultier collaborate with Swarovski to create a breath-taking assortment with a cool, contemporary edge.

Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2015 launch includes an inventive collection of colors, effects, cuts and line extensions all under the theme ‘Traces of Time’. These innovative crystals provide stunning and unique design possibilities for consumers.

The Treasure Trove of a collection for Fall/Winter 2014/15 comprises mesmerizing crystals in innovative shapes and shades. These illuminating new crystals in rich jewel-colors would enrich any design.