Wanderlust Trend: Freedom

Key words when explaining the “experience” phenomenon that’s gaining traction among a new generation of travelers are: balance, ease, sensorial, free-flow, new age. This impetus comes from a desire to get away from it all, alongside the reappearance of the 70s “take it easy” surfer mantra, which holds a new cachet amongst Generation Z and Millennials.

A need to reconnect, with each other and with nature, demands sensorial experience as a calming counterbalance to frenetic living. It’s living, something that only holidays basking in a sense of total freedom can offer.

A sparkling rainbow of youthful brights, such as new Crystal Lime, new Crystal ButtercupTopaz and Crystal Light Coral, bring vibrant energy and freshness to the Freedom palette.

These are underlined with a range of brilliant blue-based hues that reflect clear waters and the open sky: Crystal Mint GreenDenim Blue, new Majestic Blue and new Crystal Lilac.

Discover Freedom's Color Palette

Jewelry sees fine multilayered chains, as well as beadwork and crystals with seashell talismans, showcasing the laid-back nomadic style.

Apparel has a casual simplicity and plays with crystal-adorned 70s slogan tees teamed with worn and faded jeans and free-floating cottons. Alternatively, neoprene-inspired pieces add a sports chic feel, while fine crystal beading provides additional decoration and sunshine radiance.

Accessories are practical, waterproof, light, and often “pre-loved” in support of sustainability. Adornments come in the form of shimmering crystals and pretty shells, while strong graphics draw attention to custom embellishment.

Explore and Configure the Product Innovations used in Freedom

Interiors also reflect the easy-going Freedom trend and can be seen in a variety of settings. Taking inspiration from surf-and-skate culture, boards are recycled to create innovative seating and decorative aspects all with a beach shack vibe. “Slow-tech” also comes to the fore with the return of analogue, and only the bare necessities required.