Wanderlust Trend: Culture

If the modern metropolis could be summed up in five words, they would be: sculptural, bold, artistic, reflective, unique. This vibrancy stems from the contemporary urbanite’s aspiration to add creativity and color to life. Cities are fast becoming urban backdrops for extreme art, or incorporated into site-specific performances and sculptural installations.

By releasing art from traditional “white cube” gallery spaces or “black box” theatres, and connecting it directly with the fabric of its environment, art rejects exclusivity and becomes inclusive. Through being an active participant rather than a passive spectator, the new art tourists champion the creative within, surrounding themselves with the joy of artistic expression and reconnecting with their surroundings.

Contemporary Culture colors are bright, bold and highly saturated—a full-spectrum palette that encourages the release of our creative energy. From warm Crystal Light Coral, zingy Tangerine and new Crystal Buttercup, through to fresh Fern Green, new Majestic Blue, fabulously fiery Fuchsia, and new Crystal Lilac, while gleaming Crystal Light Chrome sets them all off, brilliantly.

Discover Culture's Color Palette

Jewelry is unashamedly attention-grabbing, with bold pieces featuring a mix of colored metal and crystals, while contrasting sculptural and playful elements highlight the continuing importance of uniqueness.

Garments are layered and showcase exaggerated flourishes of individual expression in highly customized looks. Strict silhouettes take their form from architecture, while shiny, seductively tactile fabrics demonstrate the need for self-reflection and expressiveness.

Accessories are inspired by new creative codes: graphic street art detailing that appeals to the younger, edgier urban sophisticate, and sustainable and recycled materials in bold formats continue to command attention.

Explore and Configure the Product Innovations used in Culture

Elsewhere, the new Culture aesthetic can be identified in modular and multifunctional pieces featuring strong geometrics alongside interchangeable elements—a leading trend in interior design and electronics.