Wanderlust Trend: Adventure

Swarovski has identified five key words associated with the modern traveler: solo, raw, powerful, nomadic and natural. They describe the mindset that comes from a new generation’s desire for experience.

A host of travel concepts now explore the rough and ready, associated with nomadic, off-the-beaten-track. Away from the everyday and far from the crowd, life becomes richer and more in tune with nature.

Attracted by the freedom of the road trip, the emotional quest for solitude, and the need for individual experience, it is this engagement with a survival ethos that holds such powerful appeal for these “Wild Wanderers.”

Colors inspire landscape imagery and reflect nature’s majesty in all its guises, from desert skies to dusty roads. They include muted, earthy shades such as: Crystal Ivory Cream, Topaz and Smoked Topaz; warm sunset hues characterized by Padparadscha, plus Crystal Metallic Sunshine; along with evocative blues like Crystal Summer Blue and the new Majestic Blue.

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Jewelry takes an experimental approach to materials, with tactile, timeworn surfaces contrasting with the brilliance of precious crystals.

Garments are rough and rugged to suit a life on the move: worn jackets and jeans combine with free-flowing floral prairie dresses, while crystal-embellished blanket wraps and Spanish fringing highlight the romantic notions of the intrepid solo traveler.

A new importance is given to performance and functionality, with accessories such as scuffed leather boots, cross-body bags, plus felt and broad-brimmed straw hats that offer protection from harsh environments, taking centre stage.

While leather shoes and bags are ideal for expressing the on-trend Adventure aesthetic, other segments such as interiors also showcase the look brilliantly: natural and raw materials alongside sturdy organic shapes create a rustic atmosphere. Durability and functionality are key.

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