Trend: Spell Bound

As the sun rises above the moon, a sliver of color—neither gold nor silver, but with an ethereal metallic, reflective splendor—encloses Earth. It mirrors the light and darkness in life, and it takes on a spiritual significance that is reflected in design.

Swarovski Baroque Mirror Fancy Stone, Crystal Galuchat and Baroque Bead Swarovski Inspiration Spell Bound

Unable to see a brighter future, society is turning away from organized belief systems toward rituals and shamanism. As we look to spells and stars for guidance, we cling to the notion that the world of magic exists. The Spell Bound line of Swarovski crystals was created so everyone can have a little magic around them, be it in their jewelry, on their clothing or in their interiors.

Disturbing, dark and dangerous, yet with an ethereal, shimmering allure, the underworld is exposed in designs that look as though they have emerged at midnight. New does not always mean better—innovation is explored in forgotten ideas, blending and merging the past and present to transcend the future. 

Crystallized surface fabrics add opulence and dimension to lightweight textiles, while drama is added through fairytale-inspired jewelry pieces. 

Andy Farrow’s design displays these qualities:“My primary focus was the manipulation of brass (brutalist production), which was heated to a high temperature and placed randomly over shapes in order to create texture and movement. The intrinsic beauty of the piece is that it will change color as it oxidizes, which is perfectly in tune with the trend theme.”  

Jewelry is designed to balance the body using the healing properties of crystals and the mysticism of metals. Symbols with a dark, dramatic baroque opulence come out from the shadows. Metallic finishes have a mysterious iridescence, with blends of green, blue, silver and violet creating magical yet esoteric pieces.

The celestial shimmer of Crystal Galuchat’s scaly surface is unlike anything else. A nostalgic vision of the past sees baroque redefined in forward-moving fashion: The Baroque Bead pays homage to the grandeur and beauty of history with its sublime crystal detailing, while the Baroque Mirror Fancy Stone provides a new format for historical designs.

Influences behind the Spell Bound Swarovski crystal collection Trend Collage Spell Bound



The use of mystical-inspired symbols highlights the continued rise of the importance of storytelling.


An ethereal, estranged mood that accepts and embraces the darkness, holding it up to the light for examination and looking to the past as a way forward.


Dark and dangerous, yet with a magical shining allure, the underworld is exposed.


A creeping interest in black magic, voodoo rituals, witchcraft, shamanic medicine and astrology is on the rise.


New does not always mean better. It is time to explore innovation in forgotten ideas – blending and merging the past and present to transcend the future.