Trend: No Normal

The new value revolution has begun: “The message is simple,” says Sébastien Meyer, co- Artistic Director at Courrèges. “Erase the superfluous, go back to essentials, the thing that makes fashion what it is—the product.”

Swarovski crystals from the No Normal crystal collection

With labels being eradicated, hierarchies broken down and conventions challenged, the constants of tradition are being overturned and our values redefined as we question the usual and the common. “Anti-fashion” is the prevailing mood. It is out of this mood that the No Normal Swarovski crystal collection was born.

The concept of fashion is stripped back to the essentials, with a focus on seasonless, genderless clothes, shapes and styles blurring in a convergence of fashion elements with no boundaries, no definitions, no limits and certainly ‘No Normal’. A yearning to simplify how we live has resulted in a rationalized, “key piece” culture. 

Concerns regarding sustainability motivate us to consume less in a more considered way, while climate change breaks up our seasonal cycles and points towards a trans-seasonal reality. We are open to change, as past categories now become too narrow to accommodate tomorrow’s society. There is a desire for greater kindness in our personal dealings and simplicity in our daily lives; this means allowing freedoms and embracing our differences—whether gender, religion or race—in the search for a new, more inclusive perspective.

Designs deliberately break convention and celebrate human imperfection. Describing the piece he designed in order to illustrate the theme, Andy Farrow said:

“The thought process behind it was to create an oversized/exaggerated shape for the upper body, concentrating on negative space, fluidity of line, and depth, whilst also dropping in movement with the actual shape and the application of crystal.”

Metals are manipulated into complex meandering forms that appear to be unique and bespoke, and pieces are designed to look like extensions of the wearer’s body. Sculptural elements juxtaposed with the delicate beauty of radiant crystals create a dramatic fusion of edgy and graceful. 

The Chris Bangle Designer Edition, featuring the new Tilted Chaton, Tilted Spike and Tilted Dice Fancy Stones, can be used as a pendant centerpiece for rings or earrings, or as part of an elaborate futuristic textile design.

The Square Family’s Pyramid, Square and Base Flat Back reflect the new design principles of flexibility and modularity, offering endless ways to create mold-breaking surface effects. 

Influences behind the No Normal Swarovski crystal collection. Trend Collage No Normal



Sustainability concerns cause us to consume less in a more considered way, whilst climate change breaks up our seasonal cycles towards a trans-seasonal reality.


The exciting new fusion of minimalism and maximalism explores unexpected pairings, transforming both our self-image as well as our aesthetics.


Fashion’s current obsession with seasonless and genderless dressing sees shapes and styles blurring in a convergence of fashion elements with no boundaries, no definitions, and no limits.


Streamlining our wardrobes, in a desire to simplify how we live, results in a rationalized, “key piece” culture.


Casual and more active lifestyles break down the formality of not only fashion, but also of businesses and hierarchies.