Trend: Gang Star

Swarovski’s Gang Star collection for Spring/Summer 2018 was created in response to the tough street look that is sweeping the design world. Inspired by the hip-hop, sporty, gangsta-rap culture our Gang Star range of crystal jewelry includes bold statement pieces such as oversized gangsta-style rings, earrings and charms dangling from chains. The powerful designs look like they come directly from the 80s and 90s.

The Swarovski Skull Flat Back crystal and Crystal Iridescent Blue Pearls New for Spring/Summer 2018: Crystal Iridescent Pearls in Light Blue and Dark Blue, Skull Flat Back

There is a collective desire to stand out and actively participate. The body has become a billboard, on which are scrawled thoughts and standpoints in rebellious graffiti-style typography on clothing and jewelry, conveying a “don’t mess with me” attitude. Holding back is no longer an option—it is time to be heard.

Commenting on the aesthetic that underpins the pieces he created to illustrate the Gang Star theme, British designer Andy Farrow commented: 

“In an effort to portray urbanism within a jewelry piece, the crystal was applied slightly more sparingly to create a “gangsta” street-chic attitude. The eight pieces are designed to work together and show connection—a theme consistently highlighted within the trend direction. The Shiny LacquerPRO was purposely inverted on two pieces to add a fresh, modern twist. The large “A” brings all the pieces together by dropping in colors from the 1980s referenced by this theme.”

The Skull Flat Back is the perfect match for edgier styles, satisfying the need for “bling” in street-inspired designs.

The new Crystal Iridescent Blue Pearls reflect the emerging gender-neutral, active-streetwear style fusion. Launched in two tones, they symbolize the need to reconvene, reconnect and ultimately belong—even in the midst of stark urban landscapes.



The need to reconvene, reconnect and ultimately belong, even in the midst of stark urban landscapes, defines the direction.


Rebel culture seeps into the mainstream, denoting a more carefree, street attitude.


Wearing the new “sports-street” style is not promoting or showing allegiance to a gang mentality, but is instead somewhat of a political choice to minimize the fear of the “Gangsta” uniform.


A tough stance is echoed in designs inspired directly by 80s and 90s with the continued rise of the all-pervasive sportswear influence, which subliminally translates as belonging to a team.


A gritty style direction where gold chains and medallions are every day, and symbols and graphics create slogans for separate tribes, highlighting individual and creative expression.