Dress Yourself

The rise in “experience” fashion has led to the ascent of dramatic and theatrical statements for every day dressing. Costume drama is a highlight, with elegant Eastern influences making a striking statement. More-is-more continues its approach into every day dressing elements to create a sense of theatrical overstatement as the desire for “experience over things” — coveted by Gen Z and Millennials — sees the playing out of fantasy and drama conveyed through our wardrobe choices.

Trend colors


Optimism dominates the color range, with a focus on bold, uplifting and extravagant hues in bursts of brilliant blue, orange and amethyst.

Heavily embellished jewelry pieces blur the lines between fashion, jewelry and accessories and new dramatic constellations for crystal and pearl chokers capitalize on the strength of last season’s trend.


Dress Yourself

Urban extravagance appears in clusters of pearls and crystals on fashion items, highlighting “Glamore” dressing - for any time of the day or night. Glossy, theatrical and lustrous elements step to the fore in party-ready looks, as grown-up glamour continues to rise as a counter-trend to the sportswear influence of seasons past.

Accessories are non-sensical and fantastical to highlight the all-pervasive sense of self, and push the individual’s personality. Plush, darkly opulent elements arise in interiors and new segments to highlight the increasing mmore-is-more attitude.