The Crystal Pearl Family: A New Level of Opulence

With a rare beauty that has been used for centuries to add a luminescent richness to jewelry and embroidery, pearls never go out of fashion. This means that any additions to the very popular Swarovski Crystal Pearl family are particularly exciting. Fall/Winter 2019/20 welcomes four lustrous new members: the tiny Crystal Pearl 2mm, the exotic Crystal Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearl, the Cabochon Pearl Flat Back Hotfix, and the pearl-inspired Cabochon Flat Back Hotfix family, including different shapes such as Pearl, Drop, Navette and Square.

The delicate Crystal Pearl 2mm brings a new dimension to intricate filigree work, embroidery and seed beading. Available in a dazzling spectrum of more than 50 Crystal Pearl effects, it can be used to create cool, casual looks as well as ornate history-inspired designs, or try making it a highlight in a contemporary design. It’s even small enough to make an extravagant decorative statement in nail art.

Inspired by the rare saltwater pearl found in Tahiti, the Crystal Iridescent Tahitian Look Pearl brings an authentic, romantic quality to jewelry, apparel and accessories. Silky-smooth, with a deep green-gray hue, the effect is beautifully organic.

The Cabochon Flat Back Hotfix family and Cabochon Pearl Flat Back Hotfix have the same rich luster and pearlescent finish as Crystal Pearls, and they boast a 3D silhouette that is not available anywhere else on the market. Available in three Cabochon Pearl shapes (Navette, Drop and Square), three sizes, and a range of colors and effects, they make a whole range of creative combinations possible. Use these versatile and premium-looking Cabochons to bring a theatrical opulence and luminous texture to apparel and clothing. Create premium-looking transfer motifs quickly and easily in one simple step: use Pearl and 3D silhouettes combined with other crystal Hotfix elements to give a precious look. Conveniently, they are machine washable on a gentle cycle at 40ºC: just turn the garment inside out first, and use a mild detergent.