Imperial Fancy Stone: A Modern Take on Tradition

The stunning Imperial Fancy Stone has all the beauty of a diamond, but at an affordable price. Swarovski’s introduction of one of the world’s most desirable diamond cuts as a Fall/Winter 2019/20 product innovation brings myriad opportunities for creating fine-jewelry looks with exceptional brilliance. The Imperial can also be mixed with other cuts and Fancy Stones to create striking, on-trend statements. 

The secret to the Imperial Fancy Stone’s versatility is its square-cut, contemporary-vintage silhouette. Recalling the iconic Asscher Cut, invented by the famous Asscher brothers of Holland in 1902, and one of the ten most desirable shapes in the world, Swarovski has now come up with a fresh take on this exquisitely detailed cut, while maintaining its authenticity. Among its striking features are the tiered facets leading up to a high crown, creating the illusion of a hall of mirrors reaching into infinity.

Upending a traditional look has made the Imperial Fancy Stone particularly suitable for giving a modern heirloom feel to engagement and college rings. Available in a wide range of colors, use gem-inspired hues or clear crystal to get the heritage look. Alternatively, choose eye-catching effects and combine them with remarkable shapes in all sizes to create cutting-edge appeal. It comes in three sizes (10mm, 8mm and 6mm) plus eight colors and six effect options. What’s more, it can be glued, set, or used with Ceralun, making designs from dainty and filigree to bold and conceptual easy to achieve. Matching settings are available.