Swarovski’s New Core Assortment: Pure Convenience

When you want to create a design in a variety of crystals of a particular color, and you need to receive your order quickly, what you need is Swarovski’s new Core Assortment. Designed to simplify and speed up the process of choosing and ordering the most popular precision-cut crystals, it offers an expertly curated selection of thirty classic Swarovski products in six key colors. This makes it the biggest standard assortment in the industry.

The Core Assortment is made up of: Round Stones, Fancy Stones, Flat Backs No Hotfix and Flat Backs Hotfix, Sew-on Stones, Beads and Pendants. Then there’s also the Forward Integrated Elements category, which includes Flat Back Bandings, Rivets, Rose Pins, Rose Montées, Chaton Montées, 3D Studs, Crystal Mesh Standard, and Crystal Fine Mesh. These make up a dazzling mix of the most versatile, beautiful and timeless articles offered by Swarovski.

The palette boasts exquisite jewel-like shades: choose from sparkling Aquamarine, Amethyst, Emerald, Jet, Light Colorado Topaz, Scarlet, and clear Crystal. What’s more, you can be confident that there will be complete color homogeneity across the assortment—no variations or streaks, only intense and flawless hues*. Like all Swarovski colors, they are resistant to plating and soldering and conform to CLEAR requirements. Moreover, they are also machine-washable to 60°C on a gentle cycle, but make sure to first turn items inside out for maximum protection against wear and tear.


Whether it’s for DIY, jewelry or watches, apparel or accessories, or even nail art, when you need a variety of crystal cuts in a particular color, the Core Assortment will make life so much easier. You’ll receive it quickly and efficiently, saving time, effort and cost.

*Please note that the exact appearance depends on its geometry and its thickness, as well as whether the article is foiled or unfoiled.