Urbania: Instinct, Survival, Recycle, Raw, Urban

In acknowledgment of the need to face up to the darker aspects of the world, Swarovski Professional’s Urbania trend theme for FW 2018/19 focuses on “make do and mend” as a staple lifestyle choice.

Swarovski Trend Urbania

The social mood reflects a consciousness that our utopian ideal has evaporated—we are left to renew, recycle and regenerate as resources are depleted, and to rely on our instincts in order to survive. This has created a desire to rise up against the pillaging of the planet. A tough survival mode for a life-on-the-go prevails, as we rely on our instincts to guide us through the cities and altered landscapes of the future. 

Jewelry: Gritty choker-chain combinations reference the cityscape and offer protection. Utility is key, with repurposed, DIY-inspired designs, while pendant rings are the surprise jewelry concept.

Fashion: There are no rules in this “Brave New World”: unlikely materials are cobbled together—even mash-ups of industrial textures, corsets and sportswear. Contrasting elements are used and re-used in layered styles. 

Accessories: Aiming to produce less waste, recycled pieces, adaptable wrap-closures and sturdy leather boots appeal to the city nomad. Waist-bags become useful for mobility.

New Segments: A damaged, urban-underground appearance prevails, with interiors reflecting an industrial look of wire elements, brushed metals, patina effects, and shattered pieces. Faded, smudged looks inspired by Japan’s traditional Wabi-sabi aesthetic, which centers on the acceptance of transience and imperfection, offer a contrasting softness.

Swarovski Professional’s crystal innovations that echo the Urbania trend include the striking new 3D Studs inspired by the Couture Studs created exclusively for visionary designer Iris van Herpen. Use them to create eye-catching textured finishes. Or try Rimmed Flat Backs for stunning “scrap-metal chic” designs.