Funtasia: Playful, Quirky, Kidult, Creative, Joyful

Swarovski Professional’s Funtasia trend theme for Fall/Winter 2018/19 signals a need to usher in a sense of lightness and levity to lives that have become disillusioned with the status quo. Vibrant colors wash loudly over designs, and a fantastic fashion landscape is created with a joyfully irreverent mash-up of items.

Trend Funtasia - New Crystals

The current mood sees an injection of bright positivity into our fashion choices as an antidote to an uncertain future. Norms are broken with shrill colors and show-stopping visual statements. There is dissent from the seriousness of adulthood as joy and childlike innocence becomes important in a changing world. Colors have primary vibrancy to appeal to our inner child, while pops of nighttime neon reappear to add hyper-fantasy.

Playful, “kidult”-inspired jewelry are a blend of fun and femininity. Cartoon-like motifs for brooches and stacking rings are customizable, embracing the ongoing mega-trend for individual style.

Pop culture subverts smart dress codes with quirky detailing and overblown prints and pictures. Searing color-clashes and fun materials such as teddy-bear fur make for fantastic thrown-together looks.

Western influences meet Japan’s adorably eccentric “Kawaii” style in accessories such as crazy-but-cute headgear that make accessorizing fun.

New Segments:
Humor and fantasy are incorporated into concepts for modular furniture, lighting and gadget. Materials such as plush fake fur and silicone have the effect of softening interiors and adding a sense of playfulness.

Swarovski Professional’s crystal innovations that suit the Funtasia trend include the lively Eye Fancy Stone, which can be comically integrated into eyewear. Alternatively, it could be used in a fun, lighthearted way as a symbol to ward evil away from miniaturized accessories such as mini-bags.

Try giving it lashes with Fancy Stones and kohl eyeliner made with Crystal Fabric. Meanwhile, the Starbloom Fancy Stone is ideal for brightening up ear-bud cables and other tech items.