Elegantia: Decadence, Celebration, Seduction, Art Deco, Excess

Swarovski Professional’s Elegantia trend theme for FallWinter 2018/19 revels in sensuality, decadence, and a desire to celebrate with utter abandon. It heralds a wonderfully glamorous and rebellious eccentricity in design. It rejects the responsibilities of the ordinary and the everyday, which pale into insignificance as a seductive future is embraced and the negativity of the past dismissed.

Swarovski Trend Elegantia

The current mood celebrates life and embraces a glamorous, sensuous world filled with light and laughter. Paying no heed to the doomsayers, it exudes the rebellious eccentricity of the Roaring Twenties and the Flirty Thirties in order to create the fun-filled future of our desires. A racy palette of uplifting brights contrasts with the muted tones of Pearlescent Brown and sensual Scarlet.

Jewelry: Bold, Art Deco-inspired graphic pieces such as long earrings, pendant watches, and cascading necklaces reflect the glamour of the past. Pearls make a strong statement.

Fashion: A sense of movement is key for elegant, flapper-inspired fashion featuring Twenties draping, feathering, and melodramatic embellishments. Lingerie-inspired evening gowns in seductive satin and lace are paired with exotic kimono coats. Layering and tactile materials are key to creating a modern version of an historical look.

Accessories: A vintage mood of antiquated decadence and luxury prevails in divinely embellished stockings, feathered mules, bejeweled gloves, and micro-minaudières.

New Segments: The Jazz Age inspires bold, geometric packaging and interior designs. Sensual shapes and materials such as smoked glass and velvet, along with high-shine metals in darker shades, create more intimate and sensorial products.