Progressive Trend: Work Life

The colors in Swarovski's new progressive crystal assortment take their cue from sustainable design, with a palette of smudged pastels and mid-tones appearing as though they have been altered through time or recycling.

Swarovski’s new progressive crystal assortment Swarovski Innovations

The arrival of robotics in the workplace has prompted a new aesthetic. Designers are creating playful looks that humanize and feminize this continuing development, underlining the notion that fun is central to our working lives. Crystals incorporated into modern designs convey a sense of happiness, and smudged pastels and mid-tones look as though they have been altered by the passage of time.

Fashion leaps forward with accessible business styles that suit a time-poor lifestyle, with sleek lines in luxurious but sustainable materials. The boundary between athleisure and fashion continues to be eroded, with performance fabrics crossing over into the workwear arena. Material mixing continues its ascent with a futuristic blend of recycled plastics and radiant crystals in the same garment—Crystals appear at any time, day and night.

In jewelry, architectural minimalism meets playfulness, and simplicity merges seamlessly into sophistication. Architectural lines are expressed in classic and geometric crystals shapes. Versatile, very wearable, crystal jewelry pieces—including body jewelry—redefine the concepts of flexibility, individuality and exclusivity.

The new Combination Triangle Family’s Alpha, Beta and Gamma Flat Backs perfectly reflect this new attitude, suiting everything from office wear to athleisure. Crystal Dark Grey, the new Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO effect, opens up a range of contemporary design possibilities, while timeless gemstone colors of Crystal Royal Red and Crystal Royal Blue add color injections to eclectic styles, perfectly responding to the new consumer mood.