Classic Trend: Soul Food

Swarovski's new classic crystal collection exudes a simplicity of subdued, authentic colors, with Nude and Olivine creating a pure natural highlight. This season, Lilac is the new pink.

Loose crystals from the Soul Food Swarovski crystal collection Innovations: Soul Food

The Soul Food theme hinges on the importance of back stories, the emotional interaction that has become a deciding factor for consumers on a global scale, and the importance of regeneration and reuse.

A pure, humble aesthetic of down-to-earth, functional and gender-neutral lines prevails, with a focus on regeneration and reuse. Today’s well-informed consumer not only wants to know where products are from, but also that they will make a positive difference. In step with this consciousness are a no-waste ethos and a desire for less clutter, along with a keen awareness of craftsmanship, materials and details. Quality is paramount in sustainable, hardwearing designs decorated with crystals.

The Oval Rivoli Fancy Stone suits designs of refined simplicity. The Framed Cabochon captures today’s relaxed shapes and mixed materials, while the new Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO colors include Crystal Dark Red and Crystal Ivory Cream, complemented by Crystal Iridescent Red Pearl. This new emphasis on contemporary, pared-back design sees less become even less, but mean even more.