New Products and Trends

Every year Swarovski presents a groundbreaking range of new crystal cuts, colors, effects, and line extensions.

Sought after by the world’s top brands and designers in fashion, accessories, jewelry, interiors, lighting, and packaging, these crystal innovations demonstrate our world-leading inventiveness, first-class quality and creativity.

Our ‘New Perspectives’ crystal collection for Spring/Summer 2018 is the perfect example of how Swarovski pushes the boundaries of design. We’re living in tumultuous times, with roles and positions redefined. We feel a need to reconnect personally and disconnect digitally.

Swarovski has defined four trends that characterize this current mood: Gang Star, No Normal, Hacked Nature, and Spell Bound. Equally, Swarovski’s The Nature of Us collection addresses another current movement with its focus on sustainability. In the Tribute to Tribe collection Swarovski has collaborated with Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, whose collection is based on the decorations seen painted or tattooed on the skin of tribespeople in the Brazilian rainforest.