Swarovski’s XERO Crystal Revolution

Discover the world`s smallest precision-cut crystal

Uncompromisingly perfect – all on a microscopic scale

Swarovski has revolutionized crystal once again, achieving what – until now – seemed impossible by creating the XERO chaton: the first faceted precision-cut crystal in size PP 0.

Enjoy our video promotion of the Swarovski XERO chaton and be inspired by the precision-cut revolution:

With the XERO chaton crystal’s a small size comes great artistic potential that particularly suits the creative needs of the watch, eyewear and jewelry industry, and new applications. Explore new ways to enhance your delicate crystal designs with shimmering XERO brilliance.

The XERO chaton can be used as:

  • an airy, lightweight sparkling accent to fill even miniscule areas

  • micro-pavé in an all-over crystal encrustation for stunning shimmering effects

  • a cool eye-catcher arranged in the form of icons, pictures, wordings or logos

  • an element in optical effects with 3D appeal, particularly in combination with other chaton sizes

Not only is Swarovski introducing the product for a new design generation, the innovation leader is also introducing the necessary tools for its industrial processing.

Small crystal chaton sizes are now also available in a wide color range with guaranteed color consistency throughout the assortment. New packaging with micro-chambers allows for easier handling and reduction of manipulation leakage. The lower viscosity of the new CG 610-240 glue makes it easier to apply the smallest chaton sizes, while the tiny cavities of the new Chaton Sieve places them in the correct application position.

*Silver mirror coated with a platinum colored protective layer.

XERO Crystal Specifications

By offering this all-time design essential in the unbelievably small sizes PP 0 and PP 1, weighing under 0.3 mg per piece with a diameter of 0.7–0.8 mm and 0.8–0.9 mm respectively, Swarovski has opened up a new design universe.

The XERO chatons are made using ADVANCED CRYSTAL technology, the new advanced Platinum* Pro foiling technique and comply with the highest quality standards set by Swarovski.

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XERO Product Folder

XERO Product Folder

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XERO Application Guidelines


XERO Application Guidelines (EN)

Last Update: 07 / 2018

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Simplified Chinese

XERO Application Guidelines (Simplified Chinese)

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Traditional Chinese

XERO Application Guidelines (Traditional Chinese)

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