Swarovski Graphic Collection

Endless possibilities with the new Graphic for Crystal Rocks, Fine Rocks, and Fabric.

Swarovski Graphic collection; printed motifs

Our new Graphic product group can be used to print individual design motifs – such as pictures, graphics, logos, or lettering – onto customer favorites Crystal Fabric, Crystal Rocks, and Crystal Fine Rocks. The three different printing possibilities, either on or underneath the crystal, or a combination of both, enrich your personal motif with a sparkling 3D surface for stunning effects in a series of application fields.

Crystal is the new canvas

Swarovski Graphic collection crystals on accessories

Graphic delivers unlimited possibilities, adorning textile items and accessories such as shoes and bags, as well as jewelry, watches, eyewear, mobile accessories, or homeware.

Graphic creates an entirely singular, personal look as unique as a fingerprint. It can be used to produce a variety of different designs such as images, slogans, logos, letters, words, and even complex motifs. Choose your favorite image and make it sparkling and everlasting.

With nearly endless color and effect combinations, Graphic offers a multitude of color gradations, stroke widths, and placement options.

Above or below: Always a winner

Choose from three graphic jewelry printing options:

1. Foil Print
For expert crystal foil prints, the motif is printed on the foil underneath the crystal, which means…

  • The brilliance of the crystal remains intact.

  • Blurred contours can be used as a design element, e.g. for millefleurs motifs.

2. Glass Print
The motif is printed on crystal, which means…

  • Highly precise reproduction of the motif, even with minute details and small fonts.

  • No blurring.

  • Matte effect can be used as a design element.

3. Combine these methods to…

  • Create spectacular depth effect.

  • Highlight special features of the design.

The Swarovski Graphic design process:

  • Creation: You have an image which you would like to print on our Graphics.

  • Adaption: We adapt your image data and create the outline. 

  • Approval: An estimate and the adapted images is sent to you for approval.

  • Production: We produce your order and subsequently deliver it.

Graphic Product Folder

The new Graphic for Crystal Rocks, Fine Rocks, and Fabric

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Last Update: 07 / 2018

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