Swarovski`s Crystal Collection App

The Crystal Collection App by Swarovski grants iPad and tablet users access to the whole Swarovski crystal catalog with its 15,000 loose crystals and another 400,000 forward-integrated elements. You can quickly and easily call up any individual Swarovski crystal you like by size, color and cut using the ‘Search’ and ‘Filter’ functions, or you can group combinations of crystals to see how they look side by side. Also, by downloading the Swarovski Crystal Collection App, you’ll be given access to all the latest trend information behind the season’s product launches. And best of all, it’s completely free.

Download now and start your Swarovski crystal journey.

What's new?

The latest version contains bug fixes and performance improvements.

Designed for buyers, resellers and fashion designers, the Swarovski Crystal Collection App stokes the fires of your creative imagination with instant access to the specific Swarovski crystals you’re looking for – there’s literally no easier way to choose and order than with the Swarovski Crystal Collection App.

  • Dazzling digital images of every catalog item

  • Call up every individual crystal according to cut, color, and size

  • Arrange the items in groups with a simple drag and drop function

  • Seek out inspiration for your latest creations with crystals

  • Search and filter functions guide you to exactly the product in the catalog you are looking for

  • Have immediate access to information on Swarovski crystals and the new innovations launch that interprets the latest seasonal colors and trends

  • Browse through current and past seasonal launches for extra inspiration

The new App creates the possibility of instantly accessing the entire collection, while custom selections and seasonal items are displayed with a simple click.

The Crystal Collection App is user and customer friendly. It is digital technology that takes Swarovski and its B2B customers yet another step closer to igniting the desire to design with the world’s finest crystals.


The Swarovski Crystal Collection App`s video tutorials are specially designed to show you how to get the most from this tool. Just follow the instructions and enjoy.

Tutorial 1: Collection & Gestures


01 Using the catalogue

02 Filtering products

03 Product Details

04 Search Filter

Tutorial 2: Selection


01 Create and configure selections

02 Add crystals from the detailed view