Myriad Crystals Light Up The Salzburg Festival

Welcome To Hell!

How Swarovski Crystals Turned Up The Heat At The Salzburg Festival

This wicked love story spanning the gods and the underworld featured 160 fantastical costumes, sixty-seven of which were elaborately crystallized with Swarovski crystals to create a dramatic inferno on stage.

Skeleton costumes enlightened with Swarovski crystals

The devil’s in the detail

Crystallized Skeleton Costumes

Twenty of those were a chorus of striking skeleton outfits that silhouetted fiery bones against acid-green bodysuits. It took a staggering 400,000 Swarovski Xirius Rose crystals in Light Siam to create the red-hot shimmer effect.

Swarovski crystals used to adorn the God of the Underworld costume at Salzburg Festival 2019

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Colorful Swarovski Xirius Rose Hotfix

Pluto, God of the Underworld, was among the other remarkable costumes. His mighty horns were studded with colors here Swarovski Flat Backs, while his magnificent cape was decorated with flaming Flat Back Hotfix Transfers from Swarovski in colors here. It took a total of 50,000 crystals to bring him to life.

Costume designer: Victoria Behr