Swarovski Product Catalogue

Swarovski Crystal Product Categories: Exceptional Variety, Exceptional Quality

Swarovski’s unparalleled assortment of precision-cut crystals is the recognized first choice for any business looking for lasting brilliance. Whatever your size, whatever your industry, be it jewelry, watches, apparel, accessories and cosmetics, or architecture, interiors, packaging, lighting, technology—even movies and entertainment—there is a loose crystal to meet your requirements. This website gives you the opportunity to browse the comprehensive Swarovski crystal offering: you’ll discover more about the exceptional qualities of each bead, article, pearl and stone, as well as their myriad applications.

Swarovski Crystal’s Product Categories

Among the classic categories are Round Stones, which feature a round view side and contain a wide selection of Swarovski crystals. You’ll find the XERO Chaton, the world’s smallest crystal, which is particularly suited to the watch, eyewear, and jewelry segments. Alongside the smallest are standout innovations such as XIRIUS and XILION, which have redefined the market standard for fire and brilliance, and the eye-catching Round Stones in Swarovski’s Designer Editions.

For gem-like beauty, Fancy Stones & Settings is a classic category that is simply unrivaled. Look for traditional jewel cuts—baguette, cushion, and princess for example—or couture-led Designer Editions such as Jean Paul Gaultier’s striking Kaputt Fancy Stone. There is a similarly wide-ranging choice of sizes and cuts, from classic to avant-garde, among the Pendants category. Sew-on Articles also provides an extraordinary variety of sparkling stones and Crystal Buttons with options that include Lochrosen (one hole) or two or three holes. Swarovski Flat Backs come in two categories: Flat Backs Hotfix and Flat Backs No Hotfix. Flat Backs Hotfix are loose crystal elements made with a flat underside that has been pre-coated with heat-activated glue. They can be applied to many types of fabric using a heat-press or a household iron. Flat Backs No Hotfix have platinum foiling on the reverse so that specialist glues can be used to apply the crystal to virtually any surface. Both offer a varied selection of classic, fancy, and fun profiles.

There is a shape to tell every design story among Swarovski’s outstanding Beads assortment, from traditional cuts and pretty butterflies, stars, hearts and flowers to edgy designs such as the Arrow, Scarab and Skull Bead. Likewise, the BeCharmed & Pavé category is a dazzling array of collectible Charms and Pavé Beads to suit all themes and occasions. For those who like to keep Swarovski’s virtuoso crystal creativity at their fingertips, the nail artists’ favorite, Swarovski Create Your Style Crystalpixie, is leading the global nail art mega-trend. Choose from shimmering shots of Crystalpixie Petite or the spikier Crystalpixie Edge. Both come in a variety of directional trend palettes for application in nail salons and home DIY. In contrast, Crystal Pearlsis a category that makes a virtue of its graceful simplicity. Designed to resemble genuine pearls, the famous Swarovski luster is available in a number of silky-smooth silhouettes and a magnificent palette of colors and effects.


If you can dream it, then Swarovski crystals can make your vision a reality. Our in-house Trend Intelligence Department offers in-depth insights and knowledge to keep you informed of the most relevant and compelling trends. It is the research team’s expertise that is behind Swarovski’s seasonal launches of New Products & Trends—collections that include groundbreaking crystal cuts and effects, new colors and line extensions.


Swarovski has a distinguished track record for its crystal innovations. Our 1965 collaboration with Christian Dior produced the stunning Aurora Borealis effect. We also created the standard-setting X-Cut technology, which achieves incredible accuracy and light refraction from advanced optical measurement and high-precision cutting; the pioneering XIRIUS 1088, famous for its superior brilliance; XERO, the world’s smallest crystal—barely the size of a pen tip; and Graphics, enabling motifs to be printed on Crystal Fabric, Crystal Rocks or Crystal Fine Rocks.


Why choose Swarovski crystals? It’s not simply our unmatched assortment and product innovations—it’s the detail that sets our crystals apart. Swarovski is especially proud to have patented the Advanced Crystal formula, a virtually lead-free** crystal composition. The attention to detail can be seen in other smaller, but no less important, ways: Swarovski is unique in being able to create smooth edges for bead holes, which means that cord doesn’t rub and fray. Moreover, regardless of whether you select the smallest Swarovski crystal or the largest, you are guaranteed homogenous color density.

* Valid with a minimum order value of 150 EUR (excl. VAT). Redeemable until 30.06.2018 and limited to one purchase. This voucher cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts. Enter the code in your shopping cart and the shipping costs of 5,90 EUR will be automatically deducted for your next eligible order.

** Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less.