Swarovski Product Catalogue

Swarovski products – glamorous crystals for your business

Swarovski products for fashion, jewelry, décor & design

Loose crystals in almost every imaginable color and shape, exciting special effects and a multitude of application options: The Swarovski product catalog has it all. Whether used in jewelry, ladies' watches, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, architecture, interior design, packaging, lighting, technology and even the world of film and entertainment, Swarovski products will make your project shine. Round stones, pendants, fancy stones or crystal beads are available in many different cuts, for example the brilliant Xirius cut for a sparkling 3-D effect or the romantic flower cut. The Swarovski range also includes Crystal Pearls, with a matte finish that imitate genuine pearls, as well as crystal charms and buttons.

Discover the versatility of Swarovski products

Swarovski crystals can be used for any purpose. Self-adhesive crystals with the Hotfix application are, for example, very popular. The flat back of these loose crystals is coated with a heat-activated adhesive, so you can iron on your crystals or apply them using a transfer press. For even easier textile decoration, try the semi-finished designs made of sparkling gemstones. On the other hand, you can create enchanting jewelry with beads or cut glass crystals for threading, with round stones for setting or by using variously shaped pendants. All Swarovski products are made of one hundred percent real crystal and are subject to the highest quality standards.

Swarovski products – fascinating special editions for your inspiration

Throughout its long history, Swarovski has repeatedly been at the forefront of exciting innovations in the crystal industry. The Aurora Borealis series is one of them: Thanks to a special coating, the loose crystals shimmer in all the colors of the rainbow, creating a supernatural aura – similar to the Northern Lights, after which they are named. Less mystical, but very much on trend are the futuristic Swarovski products in geometric shapes and cool colors.

Do you have a very special design in mind and cannot find the right rhinestone? Then talk to Swarovski about your idea and take advantage of its customized product solutions.