Product Safety

As a pioneer in product safety with a commitment to creating responsible products, Swarovski strives to be ahead of current product safety legislation. For example, 100% of Swarovski crystals are produced using its patented Advanced Crystal lead-free formula*. This innovative crystal formula offers the same sparkle, durability and variety for which Swarovski has become famous, but its carefully selected raw materials provide complete peace of mind in the ever-stricter international regulatory environment. Indeed, Advanced Crystal has raised the bar for the entire industry. 

Swarovski’s internal compliance program, the CLEAR standard, ensures that its products—and those of its suppliers—are free from harmful chemicals. CLEAR summarizes the most critical laws and regulations regarding the restriction and prohibition of substances in the product segments most relevant to Swarovski customers. These include jewelry, accessories, textiles, interiors, packaging, electronics and children’s products. The CLEAR compliance program is also subject to regular legal monitoring. And to guarantee compliance along the entire supply chain Swarovski requires all its suppliers to adhere to the CLEAR program, too. 

Furthermore, as a major supplier to the textile industry, Swarovski complies with Europe’s OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class II. This worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system imposes strict limits on potentially harmful substances in raw, semi-finished and finished textile products and any accessory materials used, particularly those that are in direct contact with the skin. In addition to the outer fabric, for example, it includes sewing threads, inserts and prints, as well as non-textile accessories, such as buttons, zip fasteners and rivets.

The Swarovski Compliance Service is there to help customers understand and navigate the ever more complex laws and regulations. This service includes assessments and evaluations with regard to the Restricted Substance Lists, as well as the provision of certificates of compliance for Swarovski products to meet customer requirements.

* Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009 % lead or less.