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Desirable accessories are both functional and fabulous. For over a century, Swarovski has been transforming eyewear, belts, bags, timepieces and tech. Choose from Swarovski’s ever-evolving range of crystals to differentiate your designs.

Choose from the big variety the perfect one for you:

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BeCharmed & Pavé Family

BeCharmed crystals are charms in a variety of cuts, shapes and sizes, such as beads and pearls, and many more. BeCharmed Pavé elements are encrusted with tiny crystals.

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Visual for Flat Backs Hotfix

Flat Backs Hotfix

Swarovski Flat Backs Hotfix are loose crystals with flat reverse sides. They are pre-coated with self-adhesive glue that is activated by heat and are available in an array of beautiful cuts and shapes.

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Visual for Fancy Stones

Fancy Stones with settings

Fancy Stones come in numerous shapes, ranging from classical gemstone-inspired crystal cuts (Navette, Princess) to progressive cuts (crosses, shells), and even quirky, playful cuts (Buddha and Eye designs).

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