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The Swarovski crystal assortment

The art of colors & effects

Discover the difference between Swarovski crystal color & effects

We transform brilliant ideas into reality thanks to our huge assortment of more than 70 different colors and 40 effects. Discover them all and see the difference they have on your designs.

Brilliant color from every angle

Our crystal color assortment is the largest available in the industry, covering all product groups. Colors are resistant to environmental influences, washing, plating and even soldering.

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An effect applied to the crystal surface

Our assortment of mesmerizing effects offers a wide range of fancy shades, using exclusive metallic coatings or lacquer layers. Effects differ in terms of resistance.

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Colors: Part of our DNA

The core of our assortment is based on the classic jewelry colors such as Ruby, Topaz or Emerald. The rich palette of more than 70 colors allows endless combinations and enables tailored solutions. Our crystals are consistent in color across all cuts and sizes and offer optimal color saturation from every angle, that won’t fade when exposed to UV, saltwater, sweat, machine washing or even plating and soldering.

Effects: Our exclusive coatings

The introduction of the first effect, the Aurore Boreale (AB effect), in 1956 marked the beginning of a new era for crystals. Effects are a composition of metallic layers or a lacquer coating that is applied to the surface of an already cut and perfectly polished crystal. With these special coatings, Swarovski offers an exclusive, nuanced palette of fancy and fashion-forward shades, including multiple layered hues. Each effect has a different resistance level or reaction to processes such as soldering or plating—check the color charts for more details.

The main effects

Surface effects

The most popular effects, the so-called Transparent Effects, are applied to the top of the surface of the crystal, while the base color remains visible. Surface effects include Crystal Aurore BorealeCrystal ShimmerCrystal Metallic Light GoldCrystal Golden Shadow and Jet Hematite. Browse the color charts for more information on the resistance level of each effect.

Translucent effects

These types of effects are applied to the back, and shine through the body of the crystal. They include the popular Crystal Silver NightCrystal Vitrail LightCrystal Vitrail MediumCrystal Bermuda Blue and Crystal Volcano. Most of these coatings are plating resistant thanks to the special Platinum* Pro Foiling. Find more detail in the color charts.

* Silver mirror coated with a platinum-colored protective layer.

Metallic effects

These surface effects offer a high-octane reflective brilliance especially required for jewelry and fashion designs. The most popular are Crystal Metallic SunshineCrystal Light ChromeCrystal Metallic BlueCrystal Rose Gold and Crystal Metallic Light Gold. These effects are not resistant to plating or similar processes.

Patina effects

Crystal Patina effects produce a nostalgic or vintage look while still maintaining the crystal's signature sparkle. This industry exclusive, ”worn in” coating is available in blackgoldrosesilver and white and is not resistant to plating or similar processes.

Crystal LacquerPRO Effects

The LacquerPRO DeLiteElectric LacquerPRO & Electric LacquerPRO DeLite, as well as Shiny & Powder LacquerPRO effects distinguish themselves through a glossy, bold and hyper-real look achieved with a special premium lacquer coating. The collection is completed with iridescent hues—a great match for both neutrals and brights. These effects are not resistant to plating or similar processes.

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