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A modern take on a classic shape

The Mystic Square Fancy Stone

A crystal designed to celebrate Swarovski‘s anniversary

The mesmerizing Mystic Square Fancy Stone, created for our 125th anniversary, is a new interpretation of the classic square cushion shape. A highly faceted and precious look, it was developed with a clear purpose: infinite possibilities for forward-thinking designs.

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Key Crystal Characteristics

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Sketch and different Mystic Square Fancy Stones by Swarovski Professional

Trend reflections

A future classic

Combining a traditional shape with new technology, the Mystic Square Fancy Stone is a future classic, with a never-before-seen kaleidoscopic effect. It has a highly faceted look that offers exciting creative approaches and incredible design flexibility, from fabulous futurism to traditional sophistication—or even a mashup of styles. It’s a captivating crystal that is suitable for almost any application.

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Key crystal characteristics

The magic of the Mystic Square

The Mystic Square Fancy Stone comes in four sizes, so you can add it to almost any design. Its classic cushion shape—popular for over a century—is inspired by cut diamonds and is achieved thanks to precisely cut facets on the top and a grooved reverse. Experiment with different effects, including the Crystal Vitrail Medium effect, to discover how light and color can also change its sparkle.

Be inspired by designs featuring the Mystic Square

Discover how the Mystic Square Fancy Stone can be used as an incredible centerpiece or in combination with different Round or Fancy Stones. Unlock the potential of this forward-thinking, versatile crystal – it is perfect for creating both mesmerizing jewelry and unforgettable accessories designs.

Glamorous anonymity

A combination of the new Mystic Fancy Stone, Beads and Pendants, all sewn onto tulle fabric, celebrate our love of veiling.

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Excessive Expression

The new Mystic Square Fancy Stone and new Imperial Fancy Stone size lend extravagance to this brooch inspiration, where colorful Chatons, Pearls and a 3D-printed torso speak of glamorous excess.

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Wrap-Around Elegance

The new Mystic Square Fancy Stone creates an exciting contradictory effect when contrasted with sandblasted and partly polished gold-plated surface effects and softly pleated fabrics.

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