Discover swarovski crystals and application methods behind the waves of color nails design

Waves Of Color Nails with Swarovski crystals designed by Naoko Takano

Nail design

Waves Of Color

Swarovski’s trend experts have identified three nail personality types, and of those ‘The Color Freak’ is the most vibrant and lively. Ready to embrace every style and adapt to every occasion, she likes to have lots of fun with her manicure. That’s why this 3D mix of Crystal Pearls and Fancy Stones in floral hues makes all her fingertip fantasies come true!
Design by Naoko Takano

Close up of Waves Of Color Nails with Swarovski crystals created by Naoko Takano
“Of the three nail personality types, ‘The Color Freak’ is the most vibrant and lively.”
How to apply Swarovski crystals on nails

How To Color Freak-out Nails

Colorful 3D nail styles are simple to achieve, with a little practice. Just apply the final coat of gel color, then press the crystals into the topcoat and seal to secure. From pretty to powerful hues, walk your fingers over the rainbow for head-turning results.

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