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Statment golden era headpiece design inspiration with Swarovski crystals

Accessories design

Golden era headpiece

There has been a return to 40s finesse in a search for sartorial elegance and long-term, quality wardrobe choices. This design mixes an elegant vintage style with striking contemporary embellishments, which makes the most of the past while embracing a thoroughly modern future.

Close up of Golden era headpiece design inspiration with Swarovski crystals
“The classics are elevated to iconic status in contemporary accessory interpretations.”
How to use Swarovski crystals for sewing

How to embellish a modern classic

The striking pattern on this headpiece has been created using slim-line Fantasy Fancy Stones and oversize Elongated Imperial Fancy Stones pre-set into cups. Sew-on cups have holes so that they can be hand-sewn onto all kinds of textiles as well as leather.

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