Discover Swarovski crystals and application methods behind the Standout Glamour Nails

Standout Glamour Nails designed by Gina Silvestro

Nail Design

Standout Glamour Nails

The Insta-generation has an irrepressible desire to make show-stopping statements every day. It’s a way of finding joy in freedom of expression, and one of the reasons why party-ready styling has spilled into daytime. You can see it in a mash-up of high-octane retro looks and a tongue-in-cheek celebration vibe. Boasting eye-catcher status, crystallized nails play a big part in this Instagrammable trend, with Swarovski crystals leading the way.
Design by Gina Silvestro

Close up of Standout Glamour Nails designed by Gina Silvestro
“Find real joy in fingertip fantasies and freedom of expression.”
How to apply Swarovski crystals on nails

How to touch the stars

All it takes is a little practice to transform nails into miniature works of art. After the final coat of gel color, crystals can be pressed into the topcoat and sealed to secure. From subtly sparkling designs to outrageous runway-ready looks, once you know the basics you can let your imagination run wild.

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