Discover swarovski crystals and application methods behind this balaclava design

Balaclava design inspiration with Swarovski crystals

Apparel design

Head for the stars

A desire for adventure as an escape from our screens is influencing everyday fashion choices. Outdoor styles are being reinterpreted, tech-inspired palettes are supercharging wardrobes and formal wear is merging with casualwear. This balaclava is studded with metallics and fractured shapes for an exciting future-forward look.

Close up of Balaclava design inspiration with Swarovski crystals
“Soft materials merge with sparkling elements for fantastical design interpretations.”
How to sew Swarovski stones

How to get ahead with sew-ons

To embellish a woolen hat with pops of color and flashes of light using Sew-on Stones or Beads, always choose synthetic multi-filament threads of Nm 50-80. Heavier products require a nylon-coated wire.

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