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Dancefloor Inferno design inspiration with Swarovski crystals

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Dancefloor Inferno

Passionate dances demand dramatic costumes full of strong color and expression. Traditionally, red and black have been used to represent the fieriest of feelings and this crystal inspiration piece switches the temperature up to red-hot. Meanwhile, feathers are used to create smoke-like movement.

Close up of Dancefloor Inferno design inspiration with Swarovski crystals
“Red and black are used to represent the fieriest of feelings.”
How to use glue Swarovski crystals

How To Light A Fire With Crystals

Put sparks of fire into a costume by gluing Flat Backs No Hotfix onto clean fabric that is held securely in place. Use tweezers or a wax stick to arrange each crystal after it has been coated from a dispenser with the recommended glue. Press it down gently once you are happy with the positioning.

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