Discover Swarovski crystals and application methods behind the Crystallized Cactus Flower

Crystallized Cactus Flower designed by the Swarovski Design Team

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Crystallized Cactus Flower

Flowers are said to be Mother Nature’s fireworks, bringing an explosion of color to the world. Just one interpretation of all the earth’s natural wonders, these crystallized Cactus Flower brooches are spritzed with sparkling dewdrops then arranged in a cluster to make them blaze even brighter.

Close up of Crystallized Cactus Flower designed by the Swarovski Design Team

"Crystals bring yet more blazing color to Mother Nature’s fireworks."

How to use glue Swarovski crystals

How to bring brilliance to flowers

These flowers owe their light-filled beauty to the delicate tone-on-tone layer of Swarovski® crystals glued to the surface. Because there are many ways of sticking crystals, it is important to identify the method that best suits your project. Choose Swarovski® high-performance glues, which are powerful two-component epoxy resin systems, for both foiled and unfoiled crystals.

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